Marjanco Gorgievski

For the last four years this sexy Macedonian lad has gained a lot of weight.  Famous in his native country for being a kind of actor / comedian in the Solza i Smea (Tears and Laughter) group on TV and on stage, he seems to have a penchant for chocolate, sugary drinks and burgers that is taking an irreversible toll on his waistline.  He seems to revel in this increased size, however, and has shown no signs of weight loss since the time when I first noticed him.  There is a also a YouTube channel showing him in action.  He used to weight about 75 kilos.  I reckon he must be nearing 120kilos now.  What do you think?

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    elegiste una mala bida pero en estos 4 años escogiste bien posdata las mujeres aman a los gordos y adoran a los obesos...
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